The Dassler Effect is Moving

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Well, I am moving, so it might be a good time to move the blog to a different platform. And, oddly, I feel the same ambivalence and sadness that I do with my real life move.

I plan to leave this page up as long as Stlouisblogs will let me. There are extensive archives linked at the bottom. As a note of thanks, St. Louis blogs, you have been very good to me, however, I think I just need a bit of a simpler platform and perhaps just a new beginning.

Well, without further, please update your bookmarks....

Well, it has been a long time, but I do have a new piece in the new issue of Catapult about a current art installation in St. Louis. If you are in the area, I highly recommend going to it. Another image from my time at the installations is the masthead for the issue. There are also, of course, many other articles on the topic of community.

Here are some more images from the evening.







This past Saturday I went to Stone HIll winery for a friend's birthtday with 14 other friends. It would have been hard to top the day: the weather, the views, the fun, the friendship. I am sure people who know about wine might have some quibbles, but it was just fine for this newbie. Here are the pictures, click on the slideshow icon at the top right for larger and easier viewing.

Also, the very picture I was taking, whilst coming in for some gentle mockery in this post, is below. It reminded me of "The Dream of the Rood," though I have no memory of whether they talk of vines in that poem. Well, it presented a nice image of the cross and Christ as the vine and communion, all rolled into one, for me at least.